MyTalking Checkout ™ Version 1.0 Digital Download


MyTalking Checkout!

Digital Download!! No handling charge on this item!!

CD version is also available.


Note: Includes Angel Speaks Symbols CD. Works with any image file.

Please note that the file size is 60mb.

MyTalking Checkout is downloaded as a zip file. The following files are created when unzipped:

Setup.exe – Installs MyTalking Checkout
QuickStart.PDF – small booklet with installation instructions and a quick start to creating boards.



MyTalking Checkout™ is a Windows ™ based application that teaches the concept of using a self checkout terminal at stores, using a cash register, shopping and using money. MyTalking Checkout™ is geared towards children or individuals with special needs. Its easy to use interface resembles a simple touch screen checkout register used in many businesses today.

How does it work……..

When you launch the application, you will see an interface that has the following:

The ‘store’ (department store, restaurant, etc) A ‘department’ in that ‘store’.  Up to sixteen pictures/symbols of ‘items” with their price.  If there are more that sixteen ‘items”, then there are arrows that allow you to scroll forward to display more ‘items’.A ‘Checkout List” which lists the ‘items’, that are being purchased and their prices.  Totals for subtotals, discount amount, sales tax and final totals are displayed. A shopping Checkout icon that allows you to enter the amount received, type of payment (gift card/certificate, check, cash, or credit card) and then the change is calculated and a receipt can be printed, an eraser icon to clear the Checkout and start over and an exit icon. Voice prompts with the next instruction, the item being purchased, and it’s price.

You may use your own pictures or images or any of the images provided by Angel Speaks Communications Products.

You may also add your own ‘stores’, ‘departments’, and ‘items’. This feature allows you the ability to customize MyTalking Checkout to fit your own needs.

Angel Speaks Communications Products offers the following with our software: Free Technical Support.  Our Technical Support is via EMAIL and there is no charge for this.    For Technical Support click Technical Support.

Windows ™ is a Registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation.


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