Welcome and thanks for visiting with us at Angel Speaks Communication Products. We welcome any comments, suggestions or criticisms that you may have.  In addition, we have a Favorites Page that may be helpful to you in your search of support, organizations, early intervention support, etc. You may even want help in setting up a Special Needs Trust for your family needs so that your special needs individual is taken care of.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to explore, research and develop alternative inexpensive ways for the non-verbal and partially non-verbal community to communicate in the verbal world.

Company Profile

Our products were developed and inspired by Cathy. These products and others that are to follow are encouraged by her husband Joe. Cathy and Joe are parents of a special needs non-verbal and autistic child, Angel. Like many parents of special needs children, we all inspire to try to make the world a better place for our children to live in. The hard reality is, we all think about what life would be like for our special needs child as they get older and what the quality of their life would be after we as parents or care givers are dead and gone. We all know that early intervention is the best defense for a better life for these special needs people. In the interim we do all we can to help our children to learn what they’re capable of learning and achieving. The fact of the matter is that we can’t do it alone. We seek guidance and support of schools and organizations. It’s all for LOVE! We must provide for our special needs loved ones, we can’t do anything less because nothing less is acceptable nor an option.

When our daughter Angel was born, we as parents never thought our lives would evolve around the trials of her Autism and her many behavioral challenges. However, we must point out that we find many wonderful qualities in spite of her challenges. We devote our lives to our daughter with love, without reservation, and unconditionally. Angel is our inspiration, Hence, Angel Speaks!

With that said, we feel that alternative communication should be obtainable and affordable for all.  From personal experience we recognize the tight budgets of schools, special interest institutions, and individual caretakers who deal with the special needs all on a daily basis. Whether Angel Speaks Communication Software is used in the learning environment or at home, make no mistake, don’t let the low affordable price of Angel Speaks Communication Software fool you in believing it’s limited in its capability to perform. On the contrary, Angel Speaks Communication Software is loaded with functions and capabilities that are impressive. We believe that special needs individuals should not be held hostage to the high cost of alternative communication.